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Sound Deadening or Sound Absorbing? That’s the question!


Sound Deadening or Sound Absorbing – What’s the Difference? Sound deadening or Sound absorbing? That is the question, whether it is nobler in the mind…….. ooops!!! Sorry, my inner Shakespeare got carried away!! But seriously, if you’re considering a soundproofing project, then understanding the difference between sound deadening and sound absorbing products will be very[…]

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Acoustic Foam – What is it?

Acoustic Foam- What is It? Acoustic foam is one of the most misunderstood pieces of soundproofing technology. Many people believe that just applying the foam to the walls will be enough to block out the unwanted sounds of their amorous neighbour’s, loud music or street noise. They’re excited to have found a cheap soundproofing solution[…]

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Soundproofing Tips for Quieter Homes

Sound Insulation has become very popular as noise pollution becomes a growing problem in Australia, especially in the metropolitan cities and suburbs. It’s a very subtle thing that being exposed to noise over long periods of time can be detrimental to your health. You don’t even realize it at first but a slow pressure starts[…]