Autex Quietspace 3D Wall Tiles



Quietspace 3D Tiles are a vibrant and visually appealing three dimensional tile that maintains acoustic balance. Lightweight and semirigid;Quietspace 3D Tiles provide an alternative to traditional acoustic panels or ceiling tiles that will enrich your environment whilst reflecting a unique personality with an unparalleled aesthetic.



Autex Quietspace 3D Wall Tiles

Open the realms of acoustic design flexibility with Autex Quietspace ® 3D Wall Tiles

; a modular acoustic wall tile designed to create a contemporary finish and add simple and effective acoustic control to any interior environment.

Lightweight and semi-rigid; Quietspace® 3D Tile redefines sustainable design whilst reducing reverberated sound and controlling background noise. Made from 100% polyester and containing a minimum of

60% post-consumer recycled material, Quietspace® 3D Tile is completely safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-irritant and certified low VOC.

Suitable for residential, office, education, retail and hospitality spaces; redefine your environment with Quietspace® 3D Tile..

Equal parts form and function, 3D Tiles are lightweight, sculptural acoustic tiles designed for interior wall application. 3D Tiles are made from 100% polyester fibre, moulded into abstract, three-dimensional shapes that provide acoustic absorption across the mid to high frequency range. As both a focal point and a complementary piece, 3D Tiles feel equally at home in commercial, retail, education, and hospitality spaces.

Autex Quietspace 3D Wall Tiles Features and Benefits

  • Delivers excellent acoustic performance
  • Available in eight designs and 15 colours
  • Includes mounting clips for easy install
  • Easily customisable

Autex 3D Tiles Application:

Decorative and functional acoustic surface for residential, office, education, retail, hospitality and commercial interiors. Minimise noise in the interior environment and create unique finishes and features


  • Product Name: Quietspace® 3D Tile
  • Composition: 100% Polyester Fibre (PET)
  • Installation Fittings: Mounting Clips supplied

Acoustic Performance:

Quietspace® 3D Tile is specifically designed to reduce and control reverberated (echo) noise in building interiors.


Design Options

Color Options

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Blazing Red, Brilliant Orange, Granny Smith, Avocado, Stonewash, Electric Blue, Stately, Porcelain, Blush, Fawn, Bark, Charcoal, Civic, Silver, Noir


S-5.26, S-5.34, S-5.37, S-5.46, S-5.50, S.5.53