Polyester Sound Blankets
Medium Density Acoustic Wall Insulation for Commercial Partitions

  • Specifically designed for commercial partitions & walls
  • Easy installation to standard 450mm or 610mm stud spacings
  • 5 thicknesses 50,65,75,85 & 100mm 




Polyester Sound Blankets are specifically designed for medium noise levels in commercial buildings.

Available in 5 thickness options and either 450 or 610mm wide to fit standard commercial partition widths and cavity depths.

Product Options:

  • 50*450*15000mm  3pcs = 20.25m2
  • 50*610*15000mm  2pcs = 18.30m2
  • 65*450*15000mm  3pcs = 20.25m2
  • 65*610*15000mm  2pcs = 18.30m2
  • 75*450*15000mm  3pcs = 20.25m2
  • 75*610*15000mm  2pcs = 18.30m2
  • 85*450*15000mm  3pcs = 20.25m2
  • 85*610*15000mm  2pcs = 18.30m2
  • 100*450*7500mm  3pcs = 10.12m2
  • 100*610*7500mm  2pcs = 9.15m2
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Polyester Sound Blankets are a ready made solution to reducing unwanted noise transfer through commercial partitions in normal noise level situations.

Performance:  The performance of sound absorbing Products can be measured and expressed as a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC).  NRC is normally expressed as a number between 0 and 1, signifying the percentage of sound absorbed. For example 0.5, would signify 50% of sound was absorbed.  The higher the NRC rating the more sound is absorbed by the batt.

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Medium Density Acoustic Wall Insulation for Commercial Partitions”

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